Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday Fungi Foray

On Friday lunchtime I strolled up to nearby St George's Field, Leeds University. Last week's fungi find had transformed into this unsavoury looking character. Its interesting to see how quickly changes occur in the appearance of these smaller fungi.

Here's how it looked last week, you can see that the surface of the earthball has broken up to release the spores. The first pic in particular reminds me of the film 'Alien' & in particular HR Giger's designs of the alien egg forms.

A few other fungi dotted around the park, I'm guessing this one has either been weathered by the elements or nibbled by insects. Flat topped and slender stiped they grow amongst leaf litter in small clusters.

They differ from these ones that grow in more abundant clusters amongst bark mulch.

They have stouter stipes, buff coloured, umbonate caps, cream coloured gills

& by the looks of things are approximately 10 and a half pence tall.


  1. Yes, that first one is definitely past its sell by date!

  2. Yes Rob, I think it has a touch of the worn hoover bag about it. Apparently its so this season in the fungi world.


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