Saturday, 1 August 2009

Farne Islands

Last week, as a birthday treat we visited the Farne Islands. On Monday morning we boarded the Glad Tidings III at North Sunderland Harbour, Seahouses & set off for the Islands.

I rarely travel with my sea legs but I managed to enjoy the outward journey. What a delight it was to see so many Puffins and their neighbouring seabirds. We realised how lucky we were a couple of days later when the Farne Islands Blog reported that almost the entire population of Puffins left early evening on Wednesday.
Alongside the Puffins, we observed a number of other birds on the islands, here are a few that I managed to photograph. We think they're mostly Shag but would be glad to have that confirmed or hear otherwise.
A pair of Shag (Dunstanborough Castle in the background).

I'm telling you, if you don't pack it in, I'll have you...
And Guillemots
Back on the boat & we sailed around a couple of islands to observe large numbers of Grey Seals on the rocks and in the water. They are huge! Unfortunately that was around the time that my sea legs dropped off and the thought of lifting my camera seemed like a bad idea.

During our break in Seahouses we stayed at fantastic B&B named Spindrift, run by Sue and Steve, lovely people, great food, exceptionally clean and comfy surroundings. If you're ever looking for a place to stay on the Northumberland coast I heartily recommend it.


  1. Beautiful photos of the Puffins and it sounds as though you were there in the nick of time.

  2. I'll plump for Shag. Mature Cormorant have a white patch on throat. Juvenile Shag do have a light coloured throat also,

  3. Thanks John, yes indeed, how timely! The boat trip was certainly worth the brief discomfort of losing my sea legs with just a minute to go, how embarassing!


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