Friday, 21 August 2009

Fungi finds in St George's Field, Leeds University

On a recent lunchtime wander to St George's Field, Leeds University, we caught up with these earthball fungi. A species of Scleroderma perhaps? Captain Sidlow acted as wingman for this particular fungi foray & I'm delighted to report that he's graduated from his basic training with flying colours.
The grubby 10p piece found nearby is included for scale.

Mushroom has more information about Sclerodermas. I'm leaning towards either Scleroderma_areolatum or Scleroderma citrinum. A number of these fungi appear have opened already & you can see the spores inside.

And here is the same spot a fortnight earlier, I forgot to upload these at the time.

This time with a shiny new 5p piece for scale, apologies for the inconsistency!

Here the stipe is clearly visible.

In another spot Captain Sidlow found this Polypore on a deciduous tree

Lots of these delicate cap & stem fungi amongst tree litter near the headstones.

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