Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Beckett Park wander

Today's discoveries from a lunchtime wander of Beckett Park and the woodland margins. On this Silver Birch, a fine collection of Birch polypore.

Tiny cap and stem fungi with caps the size of a ten pence piece poking out of a carpet lush green moss growing at the base of a Beech tree a few paces away from the entrance to our building.
Early afternoon shadows underneath a well established Beech tree.

Today's walk list: Robin x 1, Blackbird x 1, Jackdaw x 6, Magpie x 6, Blue Tit x 2, Great Tit x 1, Starling x 1, Goldfinch x 1, Wren x 1, Crow x 3, Jays x 2 scratting through the leaf litter underneath the Beech pictured above and last but not least a Grey Wagtail that flew past me on Vicarage Terrace (I know!)

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  1. Good range of species for a lunchtime - bodes well for springtime.


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