Monday, 22 February 2010

Kirkstall stroll

A couple of inches of snow fell during the early hours of Sunday morning here in Leeds. Its starting to clear today, so thankfully it won't be around for quite as long as the last lot. On Sunday afternoon, after restocking the bird feeders and clearing snow from the hill outside the house we strolled over to the allotment.

Here the blue-green leaves of daffodils and yellow-green leaves of overwintering onions poked through the snow.

Although the Redwing failed to put in an appearance on the allotment, there were planty of Goldfinch chattering noisily in the back hedgerow. Continuing on we noticed potential Redwing silhouettes in the trees on the patch behind Queenswood Drive. Sure enough the Redwing were gathered, 5 perched in nearby branches and 15-ish joined them from the ground, and another flock of 20 were in the treetops about 100metres away, I wonder how much longer they'll stick around in this area? Also spotted, Nuthatch, Robin, Wren, Mistle Thrush, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Blackbird, oh and a female Kestrel flying South.
Here's one of the Redwing, just to confirm the sighting.

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