Thursday, 18 February 2010

Redwing, Headingley Station Allotments

At lunchtime I wandered back down across Beckett Park to see if there was any sign of the 30 or so Redwing I'd seen on my way to work. The weather was still overcast with a little drizzle. Taking a detour around by the allotments I spotted a few in the trees at the back of the plots. Luckily I had my key to hand & popped into the allotments to get a closer look. To my surprise I flushed about 40 from the plots & they retreated to the safety of the treetops a little distance away. Added to the 15 or so that were already perched in the branches they must have totalled about 55 Redwing, great to see such a number so close to home.

You can just about make out the orange-red flank patch on the bird in flight on the left.


  1. Struth - you seem to constantly on the move, but another good spot.

  2. Its just an illusion! When Ive been sat at my desk all day its nice to get out and about in my lunch break & I don't need to walk far.


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