Friday, 12 February 2010

Beckett Park woodland

Here's a quick experiment in Photoshop made up of pics Ive taken this week during my lunchtime wanders of Beckett Park woodland, featuring lichens, foliage and treescapes.

Today's luncthime meander through Beckett Park woodland started off a relatively quiet affair given the abundance of birds sighted earlier in the week. A little further into the woodland I heard and eventually sighted a Bullfinch perched on the highest branches and calling out to another. Also spotted Long Tailed Tit x 4, Blackbird x 2, Robin x 1, Wren x 5. Magpie x 5 but the overcast afternoon meant that the only pic I could salvage was this Long Tailed Tit.

So I turned my attention to nature closer to hand, tiny fungi on a lichen covered branch.

Afternoon shadows on a tree trunk.

A cluster of Jelly Ear fungi on a tree trunk, not quite as healthy as some of the other examples Ive seen recently.
Possibly the best discovery of the day is that its only 100 steps from the side entrance of my building to the edge of the woodland, whoop whoop!


  1. Impressive experiment! and is that afternoon shadow of a rare bird?

  2. Now you mention it, it does look a bit like a bird wearing a bonnet doesn't it? I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out! L


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