Saturday, 17 April 2010

Adel Dam Nature Reserve

On Saturday morning we took Maureen along to Adel Dam Nature Reserve. After hearing that she'd never seen a Woodpecker we thought it the most likely place to strike lucky. Good call....we could hear one as we approached the reserve and within a minute a Great Spotted Woodpecker was overhead, we observed it for a moment before it flew off and another appeared in a treetop less than a minute afterwards, mission accomplished.

So with the pressure off and time on our side, we spent a wee while in the first hide where we spotted three Peacock butterflies alternately basking in a Willow tree and landing on the ground in front of us, although nearer they were too obscured by foliage to get a decent pic. I remember seeing one or two Peacocks last year in the same spot. Also on the feeders, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Chaffinch, Robin and an unexpected Reed Bunting which I haven't seen here before.

We walked round to the lakeside hide where a handful of Teal, Mallards & Coot occupied the lake, and a Long Tailed Tit was busy collecting nesting material in front of the hide. Continuing on through the reserve we spotted this woodland songbird that we think might be a Chiffchaff. I understand the warblers are difficult to identify by sight, so having listened a recording I'm pretty confident it sounded most like the bird we heard.


  1. My husband had the cheek to take my little one here without me on Friday, luckily they didn't see anything I haven't seen before :-) It does look like a Chiffchaff, very frustrating to ID! Nice photos of it too.

  2. Lovely pictures again, Linda. I was surprised by seeing Peacock butterflies last week. There were quite a lot around.

  3. Hello Pam & Emma, thanks for your comments.

    Pam, phew I bet he would have been in some trouble otherwise!

    Emma, I noticed that another Yorkshire based blogger had seen 20 Peacocks yesterday, quite a number! Its great to see them on the wing again isn't it.

    Best wishes to you both, Linda


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