Thursday, 8 April 2010

Snapshots on the way to work

A common bird but in an unlikely place, yesterday morning on my way to work something caught my eye and this pair of Mallards landed in the top corner of Beckett Park. In the pic below they're just underneath the yellow Forsythia bush. An unlikely destination as there's no water nearby, I wonder whether they spotted a water feature in the adjacent garden?

Another wildlife snapshot, on the hedgerow floor next to the playing fields these Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria), the early leaves are high in Vitamin C but I might give them a miss since they're in the most rubbish strewn patch of my walk, I'm making progress in clearing the rubbish by filling a carrier bag now and again.


  1. The Mallards might be looking for a nest site. They`ll often nest far away from water.

  2. This afternoon we had two Woodpigeon in the garden, consuming the Celandine foliage . They must think its good for them.

  3. Hello Dean, I'll keep my eyes open to see whether anything comes of it although I doubt its suitability as its a popular spot for dog walkers. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Citybirding, what a timely observation... Apparently the plant has had many medicinal uses in the past including a treatment for scurvy, dermatitis and piles! Im guessing the pigeons are free of those particular ailments and maybe they're just part of the pigeon three a day.

    Best wishes, Linda


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