Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Willow catkins

Over the past couple of weeks one of my favourite sights of spring has been Willow Catkins. Here are a few pics of the catkins on slender stems. I've recently read a description (although I can't remember where) of willow blossom described as a 'pointillist fuzz' which is spot on (excuse the pun).

I find it difficult to identify the correct species but it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the flowers which appear before the leaves. Most of the willows around Kirkstall are beginning to lose their flowers as the leaves appear which should make identification a little easier I suppose.

Phil Gates, Cabinet of Curiosities recently blogged about Sallow/Goat Willow/Pussy Willow, how its a dioecious plant, growing as separate male and female trees and its pollination carried out by insects and unusually blue tits, attracted by the nectar.

I think these pics are predominantly Sallow catkins, although I'd appreciate the feedback.


  1. The various Willows seem to have put on a marvellous show this year. Great close up shots.

  2. The catkins are lovely. I remember gathering stems for my mother to put in a vase. I'm sure she was highly delighted with all the little beasties I brought in with them!

    Linda, you left a comment on my blog last night and I must have clicked reject instead of publish as it's disappeared! My apologies.

  3. Great pics Linda. If it`s any consolation, i`m also hopeless at identifying them.

  4. Hello John, thanks very much, they really have been super haven't they.

    Hello Lesley, thanks for stopping by and for your comments, don't worry about my comment I'll drop by again, I posted to say how much I enjoyed your post and to wish the happy couple all the best...

    Hello Dean, thanks very much, that's good to know, they're tricky aren't they, Im guessing the best way identify them is to observe them in leaf.

    Have good weekends all of you, best wishes, Linda


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