Friday, 23 April 2010

St Chad's Churchyard Friday Wander

On a lunchtime stroll to St Chad's churchyard I was rewarded with clearer views of one of the pair of Jay that I glimpsed briefly last week, what a lovely bird it is.

Here's my first decent shot of a Speckled Wood that greeted me as I entered the churchyard and later settled nearby amongst paper thin golden leaves. The Speckled Wood was my most familiar butterfly last year, it prefers the dappled shade of hedgerows and woodland margins, I welcome its return and look forward to many more happy encounters.

Three Blue Tits fed on emerging pinnate leaves (Rowan or Ash perhaps), the spire of St Chad's Church can be seen in the background of the first pic. Note to self: must identify this tree on my next visit.

Field Horsetail Equisetum arvense, growing by a gravestone, Phil Gates (Cabinet of Curiosities) recently blogged about Equisetum telmateia, and as usual its well worth a read.


  1. St. Chad's delivers again. I can never get near enough to a Jay to get a pic.

  2. Your photographs are always so exquisite and I love the way they currently reflect the unfolding of springtime. Your knowledge and passion for natural history, particularly the birds, are clearly evident in each posting you make.

  3. Hi Linda, your comment eventually turned up in my blog.... probably a glitch in the software. :O)

    The photos are all beautiful. I had to smile at the close-up of the blue tit. A couple of Summers ago we had a blue tit visit our garden.... I don't know what was wrong with it because it had a tiny little head all out of proportion with its body. It reminded us of Beetlejuice from the film of the same name! :O) It seemed to get on with life well despite its odd appearance.

  4. Hello Citybirding, Jessica & Lesley, thanks for your comments

    Citybirding, I consider myself lucky with that one as it didn't spotted me for a few seconds, just enough time to get a couple of pics.

    Jessica, that's very kind of you, I must admit I'm certainly enjoying the arrival of spring, probably more so as a result of taking a little more time to stop and stare.

    Lesley, thanks, I'm glad my comment made it eventually, they're lovely little things aren't they and always good fun to observe.

    I hope you all have good weekends, best wishes, Linda


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