Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Askham Bog

On a recent visit to Askham Bog, there were 10 Four Spotted Chase Dragonflies zipping around the pond, occasionally coming to rest on the surrounding vegetation. I counted 5 at rest on a grassy bank.

There was an abundance of Small Skippers (I'm now rethinking this because Dean has kindly pointed out that the following two pics are of a Large Skipper and not a Small Skipper, so thanks to Dean for his help). On the wing a couple of Orange Tip, 3 Brimstone, a Common Blue, a Green Veined White, suprisingly no Speckled Woods today.

A Longhorn Moth, Nemophora degeerella. I didn't quite realise how long the antennae are until I edited the second pic and realised I hadn't managed to include all of the antennae.

By the pond these small black shiny caterpillars feeding on what looked like birch, could they be the caterpillar of the Argent and Sable moth?


  1. Great post Linda. Sorry i can`t help with the black caterpillars, but your Skippers are in fact Large & not Small. Small generally have plainer wings with no markings.

  2. I love the photos of the Dragoflies, they look like they are posing!

  3. Hello Dean, thanks so much for your help, its a great way to improve my understanding, I really do appreciate it.

    Hello Costas, thanks

    Hello Pam, thank you, they're wonderful little creatures aren't they

    Bet wishes, Linda

  4. Could have sworn that I put a comment here yesterday, Linda. I love this set of pictures, expecially the dragonflies. That's a super little moth too and the Large Skipper is a treat. I'll go through my books to see if I can id the caterpillars.

  5. Cracking shots of the 4-Spotted Linda. I have the same problem differentiating between Small and Large Skippers, especially head on.


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