Friday, 4 June 2010

St Chads

A few sightings from today's lunchtime wander to St Chad's Churchyard, Headingley. A handful of Speckled Wood butterflies favour a patch of sun soaked brambles and nettles located at the entrance to the churchyard making for regular sightings.

In the churchyard itself I noticed this little moth, although not the sharpest of shots I was glad to come away with a couple of pics for ID purposes. At first I thought it might be a Small Yellow Underwing (Panemeria tenebrata) but it looks suspiciously like the moth that Dean recently posted on DDD which is a Mint Moth (Pyrausta aurata). If anybody can help it'd be most appreciated.

And from the spring/summer range, Buttercup with feather boa, floral chic darling, it'll be all the rage in Primarni before you know it.

I also enjoyed an unexpected lunchtime sighting of an adult fox on the border of the churchyard that backs onto neighbouring gardens. My immediate reaction was that somebody had let their dog loose to wander around a working area of the churchyard, so I tutted and rolled my eyes, only to realise that it wasn't a dog at all and with that realisation came the disappearance of the fox, not something I was expecting to see but all the more reason for a regular visits.


  1. Lovely speckled wood, Linda. I'll check my moth book for the id.

  2. I like the way the green reflection off the leaf has tinted the Speckled Wood wings.

  3. Linda, your id is correct.

  4. Hello Emma, thank you, I hope you manage to get your Speckled Wood sighting soon. Thanks for the help.

    Hello Citybirding, it settled nicely to capture the light coming through the underwing.

    Hello Dean, super thank you for your help!

    Have a good weekend, Linda


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