Friday, 4 June 2010

Rutland Water florascapes

A familiar sight around the Rutland Water Nature Reserve are the wildflower meadows which are full of interest, in patches ablaze with colour and provide some eye catching florascapes.

Easy on the eye, a patch of Cow Parsley in dappled shade.

Buttercups, grasses and yellow rattle

Fields of Buttercups and grasses swaying gently in the wind, underpinned by clumps of contrasting red clover.

A Small Copper on a buttercup, its backlit underwings glowing as bright as the flower on which it rests.

Buttercups in bud and in flower, tiny sparkles produced by raindrops clinging to the stems following an earlier downpour.


  1. Glorious images Linda! Perfect illustrations for the wonderful Summer weather we're having just now. :)

  2. Those fields of Buttercup are stunning

  3. Yes, pretty, perfect, and glorious images of your grasses, flowers, and the Small Copper butterfly....a delight to the eye and well done to you Linda.

  4. Fabulous patchwork of colour from our native wild flowers. Stunning captures Linda.
    From reading the other posts I guess you had a great time and super 'digs' as well. FAB.

  5. the wildflower meadows are so beautiful,love all your photos but especially the buttercups and clover,

  6. Hello Kerri, thanks!

    Hello Lesley, thank you, the colour around us at the moment is wonderful isn't it.

    Hello Citybirding, thank you kindly.

    Hello Pete, thank you that's vey kind, the meadows really were a delight to behold.

    Hi Frank, thanks very much, wildflower meadows are wonderful areas of interest. We did indeed have a great time and are looking forward to returning in a month or two,

    Hello Mary, thanks, the wildflower meadows of buttercups and clover are wonderful to wander past and am happy that the pics came out well.

    Best wishes to everybody and hope you enjoy your weekends.


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