Friday, 11 June 2010

St Chads lunchtime wander

Having seen little sunshine for the past few days I took the opportunity to meander down to St Chad's Churchyard at lunchtime. Having reviewed my pics it appears the wander was made up from a palette of greens and golds. Speckled Wood's greeted me at the entrance to the churchyard, three of them taking turns to challenge each other for prime position on sun splashed nettle and bramble leaves.

On the return walk these tall flowering grasses caught my eye.


  1. Great photographs again.

  2. The Speckled Wood is a cracking butterfly

  3. You keep tempting me with those Speckled Woods, Linda. I'm not really sure where to find them up here but I keep looking. It's a pity they don't fly at night or I might catch one in the moth trap!

  4. Hello Costas, thanks very much

    Citybirding, its seems to me a confident butterfly perhaps as a result of its territorial nature.

    Hello Emma, the moth trap is certainly coming up with some great finds! I was reading on Butterfly Conservation North East that the Speckled Wood recently established itself in Durham's coastal denes. Maybe they're gradually heading northwards as there's a sighting on the 12 June of a Speckled Wood in a garden in Tynemouth! Have a look at

    Best wishes all, Linda


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