Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bolton Percy Station...but not quite

Having decided to familiarise ourselves with more of the Yorkshire Wildlife reserves, we headed for Bolton Percy Station, about three miles from Tadcaster. Having subsequently checked out the reserve online I now realise that we didn't quite hit our target and ended up on the opposite side of the railway line to our intended destination. Doh! Nevertheless we enjoyed the wander and still managed some enjoyable sightings with a couple of firsts for the year.

The first of the firsts of the year, a Small Heath.

And to add a sense of scale, the Small Heath sharing a leafy perch with a fly.

Another first of the year, this Meadow Brown. The forewing colour orange and buff with a single strong black eyespot and the brown hindwing with smaller black spots.

A dainty Common Blue feeding on Bramble flowers and Purple Vetch.

A beautiful female Small Skipper


  1. Everything looks beautiful when seen through your lens. Even the fly.

  2. Ooops! Still looks like a beautiful place for the butterflies, I don't think i've seen any of those!

  3. The Blue and the Bramble make a super combination

  4. We finally got some sun here today.......I was chasing butterflies all day too :-)

  5. Nice photos Linda.

  6. Hello Costas, how lovely, thanks.
    Hello Pam, I imagine that the actual Bolton Percy Station Reserve has much the same species of vegetation and butterflies & is a nice trip out.
    Thank you Citybirding
    Hello Warren, super, it has to be done!
    Hello Dean, thanks
    Hope you all manage to make the most of the fine weather, Linda

  7. Beautiful collection, Linda. I am would be interested to know what make of camera you use and which lens for your close-ups.

  8. Linda, we are going to check it out on Saturday, we're taking the little one Strawberry picking near by so i'll probably post :-)


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