Monday, 24 May 2010

Adel Churchyard

We visited St John the Baptist Churchyard in Adel on Sunday. Its part of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Living Churchyard Project, a tranquil, picturesque spot and within close proximity of the wonderful one-acre garden that is Yorkgate. The churchyard is currently full of bluebells, buttercups and flowering grasses.

The previous day, at Rodley I noted with interest that recent sightings included a Small Copper butterfly, I've never knowingly seen one, and had recalled Warren's pic at Pittswood Birds last week so it was up there on my list of ones to watch out for. So today I was so delighted to see not one but two Small Coppers at Adel. Whoop whoop!

As if that wasn't enough we spotted this small green beauty as it settled on a wilted daffodil flower, not the best pic but good enough for an identification, and I think this is a Green Hairstreak (Callophrys rubi). I was interested to see that Emma, Northumberland Naturalist and Frank, Early Birder both enjoyed sightings of the Green Hairstreak this weekend and managed better pics.

There were over 15 Speckled Wood's, along the perimeter hedgerows and in amongst the dappled shady areas, tirelessly seeing off all-comers whenever they strayed into their patch. A range of 20 White's on the wing, none obliging enough to pause for a picture, amongst them Small White, Green Veined White and Orange Tip.

Feathered inhabitants included, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Wren, Nuthatch, Goldfinch, Blackbird, Magpie, Mistle Thrush, a female Mallard settled in the grass, and a Buzzard flew overhead mobbed by Crows.


  1. Arrrgh!!! Ive been searching for green hairstreaks, ive never seen one! I'm so envious!

  2. Well done with the Small Coppers, Linda. A stunning species.

  3. Gosh! Small Coppers and Speckled Woods: I'm still waiting to see these two Linda. I'm so glad you found the Green Hairstreak - aren't they lovely.

  4. One up on Warren, that's got to be first Linda! The Small Copper is a cracker and the churchyard flowering floor looks very inviting. FAB.

  5. You seem to have found another cracking site Linda.

  6. Great photo of the Small Copper. I have never seen a green butterfly. In fact I didn't know there were green ones so it was interesting to see your picture of one.

  7. Judging from your photographs it must be a really beautiful yard.

  8. Hello Warren, it was such a delight to find the Green Hairstreak, pure luck. Don't give up, best wishes, Linda

    Thanks Dean, I was chuffed to come across the Small Coppers, really happy to find a species that I wanted to see that day.

    Hello Emma, yes what a butterfly bonanza. My dad mentioned that he'd just read your post about the Green Hairstreak so I was really pleased to be able to compare it with your sighting for a second opinion.

    Hello Frank, tee hee, the Small Copper butterflies are wonderful, I didn't quite realise how small until my first sighting and what a treat.

    Hello Citybirding, yes its a lovely, worth a visit next time you're down.

    Hi Katie, thanks!

    Hello John, thank you, I didn't either until this sighting, it was increadibly difficult to spot as it blended with the foliage of the wilting daffodils. I'll be keeping a closer eye next time.

    Hello Costas, yes its well maintained for the benefit of wildlife and is in such a beautiful setting too.

    Best wishes to everyone, thanks very much for taking the time to respond to my post, I always appreciate your comments.


  9. Yes the comments are always a great booster for you to keep up the good work....a nice post with some excellent images Linda.

    Looking in now and again.

    Pete (Birds2blog)


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