Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beckett Park Bluebell wander

I took a stroll through Beckett Park woodland at lunchtime to admire the carpets of native Bluebells. Katie (Nature ID) asked me recently if I'd seen any bluebell woods, so here's a few pics.

Another flowery find, this one is Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea), five deeply notched delicate white petals on slender stems, the leaves grow directly from the stem attached in paired opposites. Dean (DDD) recently posted a lovely pic of a Stitchwort flower which meant that I instantly recognised this one a few days later.

The only birdlife I managed today was this Coal Tit on a conifer.


  1. Linda,
    Mam's really taken with the Coal Tit pic colours.

  2. Thanks, I needed that dose of lovely bluebell woods. Nice blog you have!

  3. Such a lovely flower, the bluebell. They'll be out here soon, I expect. Your stitchwort picture is outstanding, Linda, and the Coal Tit does have beautiful colour.

  4. Bluebells always look stunning, something very peaceful about seeing them.

  5. Glad to have been able to help (in one way or another) with the Stitchwort, Linda ;-)

    Lovely Bluebell scenes.

  6. Beauties..
    Great photographs.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hello Dad, I love the variety of colours in a woodland, and its great to capture the inhabitants against such a colourful backdrop.

    Hello Katie, you're very welcome. Its such a treat to work so nearby woodland and be able to visit on a regular basis.

    Hello Emma, thank you, enjoy your bluebells when they flower, I look forward to seeing your Northumberland bluebell landscapes.

    Hello Pam, aren't they beautiful flowers a perfect complement to the fresh green foliage.

    Hello Costas, thank you very much, have a great weekend too.

    Best wishes all, Linda

    Hello Dean, I immediately recognised the Stitchwort after having read your post. Its so useful to keep up with blogs of others like yourself, it helps enormously in terms of whats currently around and for ID purposes.

  8. An excellent spring for bluebells...just a pity they don't last longer. FAB.


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