Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Local Leeds sightings

One of our regular haunts is currently home to Lapwing chicks, about 6 of them with more on the way I reckon. We stop by every week to observe from a distance, its great to see them develop, although they're too far away to get a decent pic. The field often yields new surprises. A recent trip brought a couple of Brown Hare, more golden than brown, and a glimpse of two Red Legged Partridge.

Scanning the dry stone wall behind us I paused to take a second look at a rounded shape resembling the grey brown colour of the stone and was delighted when it turned out to be a Little Owl. We haven't seen one around here for over a year, really chuffed to get a glimpse if only for a minute or two before it slipped away undetected.

Slightly closer but awful quality, just to confirm the sighting really.

A good excuse to bring out this pic, here's the Little Owl that we first saw in wintery conditions in the area over a year ago, perched on a fence post. You really can't tire of a Little Owl can you?


  1. Hi Linda.
    You're right, they are fabulous birds, full of character. If you ever get the chance, call into the bird of prey centre at Beal - on the road down to the Holy Island causeway. They often have a little owl sitting next to the till on the shop counter. Its eyes follow you as you pay up and smile! Allan

  2. I do love hares, Linda. An ambition of mine is to watch them 'boxing'. Little Owls, all owls really, are one of my favourite birds. It's a long time since I've seen a Little Owl, although a local told me they were about. I do have a Tawny Owl come in the garden.

  3. Now i'm feeling left out, my husband saw a Little Owl last week and rang up especially to tell me as i've never seen one!! Lucky to spot it too as it's pretty well hidden on that wall. Very nice that you are able to watch the Lapwing chicks too

  4. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!


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