Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rodley Nature Reserve

On Saturday we enjoyed a gloriously warm afternoon jaunt to Rodley Nature Reserve. The grasses that had just started to flower last week were fully flowering today, and looked striking against a clear blue sky.

We stopped off for a cold drink at the Vistors Centre and marvelled at the webcam stream from the Blue Tit box. I think there were eight or nine babies, an adult appearing every few minutes, the volunteers reckon they'll have fledged by mid next week. From inside the Visitors Cente we could see this Crow sat on a gatepost open beaked in an attempt to cool down.

By the Dragonfly Ponds Large Red Damselflies were busily going about their business.

And here a ropey pic of a blue damselfly, perhaps a male Azure Damselfly? Slightly different to a Common Blue in which abdominal segments 8 and 9 are all blue. Any thoughts appreciated.

Butterfly sightings included 3 Green Veined White, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Speckled Wood, 3 Orange Tip, 2 Peacock, this one here sat close winged on a fence post, plus 8 unidentified Whites on the wing.

From the lookout point overlooking the Wet Grassland we could see this Roe Deer on the opposite bank, it stood for a minute before bounding over the verge towards the riverbank, providing us with our first sighting of a Roe Deer at Rodley, thank you very much.


  1. Like the pair of Red Damselfly including their shadows and relections all in one shot. Well done Linda.

  2. Hi Linda. Some more interesting sightings from Rodley. I'd say Azure is correct. The other feature to check is S2. On Common Blue it is a'golf ball on tee mark' but on Azure is 'U' shape but rarely easy to spot until you enlarge the images. The Peacock hiding it's colourful finery is a classic pose. FAB.

  3. Thanks Dad, although most of them aren't so sharp I was happy to come away with a few record pics.

    Hello Frank, super, thanks for the assistance with the ID, I'll look at that S2 mark again. I enjoyed your pics of the Green Hairstreak. Linda

  4. Your pictures are, as always, a great delight. I particularly like the two red damselflies mating with their shadow on the lily leaf. Very well observed and composed.

  5. Hello Jessica, how nice of you thanks. I so like your latest pic of the striped seashells and the accompanying text. Also the Seven Pink Somethings was a great theme. Best wishes, Linda


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