Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Kirkstall creatures

Taking a meandering walk home from work, I passed by the allotments where something in the hedgerow caught my eye, initially I was slightly confused.

But then it shook and righted itself, I think its a male Great Tit, but I'd welcome a second opinion. My guess is that its just taken a bath and is preening and drying out in the sunshine. It's sat on our allotment perimeter fence, a stream runs directly behind this spot. Earlier in the year the stream was cleared and relevelled to maintain a more constant water level. A couple of years earlier hawthorns and roses were planted along the fence to create a barrier and provide shelter and food for wildlife. Great to see the local Kirkstall creatures are making use of the facilities.

Also on the hedgerow I noticed a familiar 7 Spot Ladybird on a Hawthorn leaf, the blossom held in tight bundles ready to burst any day.

Less familiar, could anybody help identify these two, would I be correct in thinking they're both Harlequin Ladybirds? UK Ladybird Survey has lots of information about Ladybirds species.

As some of the earlier flowering trees in the area lose their blossom, others come into bloom, this one in a hedgerow behind Queenswood Social Club car park.


  1. Linda,
    Great Tit it is.
    Also trying to recall something about the need to report Harlequin Ladybird sightings but its not quite coming back to me.

  2. The Great Tit looks wonderful after his bath. :O) I've yet to spot a ladybird this year... sorry about the awful pun; totally unintended!

  3. Hello pops, good, I wasn't 100% sure as he still looks a little ruffled, so thanks for that. According to the Ladybird website the Harlequins are an invasive species they do encourage people to report their sightings, so I'll make sure I do.

    Hello Lesley, doesn't he look lovely, he showed little interest in moving from the spot until he'd completed his strict grooming regime.

    Best wishes, Linda

  4. Hi Linda,i check your Blog most days as i don't live to far from you (Yeadon)and have visited some of the places you go.
    Went on the BBC Breathing Places and found a new place to go and wondered if you have ever been.Ben Rhydding Gravel pits Nature Reserve.It is next to the Caravan place just before you get to the lights at Ben Rydding on the way to Ilkley.You can park in the big layby.We called to day and it is well worth a visit.
    Two large pit full of water,woods and scrub land also the river.Woodland flowers and butterflys.We were only there for an hour but managed to see...
    Heron,Oystercatchers,Kingfisher,Plover,Gosander,Coot,Moorhen,Curlew,Warbler,Robin,Great tit,Chaffinch,Reed Bunting....
    Will be going back to spend a little more time.
    Best wishes Amanda

  5. Hello Amanda, thanks so much for visiting and posting your comment. I appreciate the tip, I think I know where you mean, if its where I'm thinking, we only visited very very briefly last year but didn't really have a good walk around. Will certainly have to give it another try in the next month or so as I remember thinking it's be a good spot for butterflies and dragonflies. Sounds as though you had a lovely visit with plenty of sightings. Thanks again for dropping in, best wishes to you too, Linda


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