Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday wander around St Chad's

Today's lunchtime wander to St Chad's churchyard was accompanied by a chillsome wind and the occasional burst of sunshine. On the way, on campus two Mistle Thrush collected food from the ground under the emerging canopies of beech and cherry. The pair are presumably nesting nearby as they're are a familiar sight, boldly holding their own against the local Jackdaws.

In the churchyard a Song Thrush surveyed the grounds from above. (At least I think this ones a Song Thrush, it appeared smaller and rounder).

After a couple of lazy circuits of the churchyard I decided it was probably too breezy for butterflies, and smiled to myself as almost immediately I spotted a Peacock butterfly on the ground no more than half a metre away. Other than an occasional adjustment, angling itself to make the most of the sun, and a brief moment on the wing it remained there for the rest of my stay. I imagine the surrounding vegetation provided welcome shelter from the breeze.

On the way home I couldn't resist a pic of a nearby Lilac bush coming into blossom.


  1. lovely photos, I love the butterfly the coloring is so bright and cheerful,
    have a good day

  2. Great photographs.
    Love both the bird and the butterfly.

  3. Good Mistle Thrush pic Gypsy. ( The other thrush is indeed a songthrush)

    That peacock butterfly is doing well, it must be quite old now, after it survived the winter in hibernation.

  4. Seeing a live peacock is on my bucket list. Have you seen any bluebell woods this year? Check out this blog sorta near you:

  5. Hello Katie, thanks so much for the blog tip. We have bluebells in the woodland very near to my workplace, they're so beautiful, I must try to post some pics in the next couple of days. Best wishes, Linda


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