Friday, 22 October 2010

Autumn colours

Maples and cherries providing today's autumn update.


  1. Gosh, what lovely colour in these pictures, Linda. I took some pictures of the Beech trees at Sidwood the other day but was disappointed with them when I had a closer look. I'll have to try to get some more when there's next a sunny day.

  2. I like the way in the first photo, that the leaves cast a shadow on the one below.

  3. More lovely autumn tints with thanks for showing them to us Linda.

  4. Beautiful photos, they capture Autumn so well

  5. Well observed with the light playing through the leaves in the first shot.

  6. Hello Emma, thanks, good idea, the colours of autumn are certainly more vivid when backlit with strong sunlight.

    CB, yes I like the play of shadows on the leaves, it makes for some interesting abstract patterns.

    Hello Pete, luckily the autumn leaves are still hanging around so there's another week's worth of colour yet to come!

    Hello Pam, thank you, its a colourful time of year isnt it.

    Hello John, thank you, I find myself wandering around in awe of the depth & variety of autumn colour, so I was pleased to find that these pics managed to capture such strong colouration.

    Best wishes all & hope you enjoy the remaining autumn landscapes, Linda


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