Thursday, 28 October 2010

Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve 2

On our recent visit to Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve, Guelder Rose shrubs(Viburnum opulus) provided an abundance of ruby red fruits worthy of a pic or two.


  1. They look good enough to eat ! Maybe by a Waxwing ???

  2. I thought you may have had a Waxwing by now Linda, they're all over the place in their hundreds....or should that be thousands!

  3. The colour and transparency of the fruit is amazing, Linda. I've just noticed that 'City Birding' and 'Wildlife Artwork' are your Dad's blogs - I follow and enjoy them both - his bird art is very beautiful.

  4. Hello Warren, I'm sure Waxwing would love them, I saw Bullfinch feasting on the berries at this reserve last year at which was a lovely sight.

    Hello Pete, no waxwing yet, hmmmphhh! Fingers crossed though.

    Hello Emma, they really do reflect the light don't they, I guess its on account of the high water content.
    Yes that's my dad, in fact he got me started with the blog, having set his up a few months before it appealed to me as a great way of sharing the things that I'd see & talk about. I'll pass on your comments Emma.

    Thanks for dropping in, Linda


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