Saturday, 9 October 2010

Leeds Light Night

Leeds Light Night took place on Friday evening as the city was transformed by performance, installations and exhibitions to shed new light on buildings and locations in Leeds. For me the great thing about Light Night is the opportunity to look upon the city from a fresh perspective as you would if visting a city for the first time. On our tour of St George's Field, Leeds University, an unexpected bonus was the sight of bats circling the Chapel seemingly unperturbed by the visitors.   Whilst walking through the university grounds I caught sight of these two illuminated climbers, Virgina Creeper and Clematis Montana that could have been worthy exhibits for Light Night.

Elsewhere, on the Headrow, a passing flock of migrant winged creatures appeared in front of Oxford Place Methodist Centre, perhaps on their way to winter feeding grounds.

This piece of work is entitled Flocks by Pyramid of Arts who run arts groups for people with learning disabilities and non-disabled people throughout Leeds.


  1. Toronto just celebrated Nuit Blanche ...same principle of lighting up the night and letting the imagination in. Love your photo of the ivy..

  2. The first shot would be a perfect Halloween photo.

  3. Hello CB, unusual aren't they, couldn't find them in any of my reference books though.

    Hello Susan, thanks for dropping by, Light Night is a great evening. As you said its a wonderful opportunity to 'let the imagination in'. The view of the illuminated ivy seemed like a fitting contribution to Light Night. Best wishes, Linda

    Hello John, it was just one of those sights that seemed to fit the occasion and was pleased with how it turned out. Best wishes, Linda


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