Monday, 4 October 2010

Mist on Beckett Park

A heavy mist hung in the air this morning which made for some atmospheric views as the sun shone through the copse on Beckett Park.


  1. Cracking shots and very atmospheric

  2. Every one a winner, they are all corkers.

  3. The rays of light are so beautiful!
    Best regards

  4. Worthy of all the comments you have received on these excellent images Linda....great stuff!

  5. Very well thought out Photo's Linda. Well done -fantastic work :-)

  6. Hello Michelle, thanks for dropping in. As I approached the trees I noticed the sun rays filtering through the woodland but wasn't sure if Id managed to pick them up on camera.

    Hello CB, ta very much

    Hello Johnny, thanks. And to think I almost left the house without my camera that morning!

    Hello Lucia, thanks for visiting, I was pleased how they turned out.

    Hello Pete, thanks very much, on leaving the house I thought visibility might be a little poor but as the land started to rise the mist began to clear and made for some lovely views.

    Hello Warren, right place, right time & luckily a recently cleared camera card! Worth being a few minutes late for work!

    Thanks for your kind comments, best wishes, Linda

  7. Linda. You captured the conditions perfectly. FAB.


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