Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Leeds City Centre, autumnal views

Its impossible not to notice the current seasonal change even on the outskirts of Leeds City Centre. In the urban planting schemes and roadside verges the signs of autumn are all around.

On Sunday we spent half an hour wandering around sections of the riverside that we'd never really paid too much attention to before. Looking back towards Bridgewater Place, I'd never noticed this apple tree before which was heavily laden with fruit. Across the road there's a line of Small Leaved Limes, the leaves are turning rich yellows.  

In the culvert that runs alongside Water Lane that carries the Hol Beck into the River Aire we spotted tiny fishes feeding on vegetation which I didn't expect to see. Trying to find out more about this watercourse I came across Phil D's Flickr pages where has a collection of pics from a stroll along this section of the Hol Beck that are well worth a look. 
On the culvert bankside, leaves, stems and berries of a thicket of well established shrubs provide a tapestry of colour and no doubt plenty of cover for urban birds.

Fungi on the grassland near Whitehall Road overlooking the River Aire.

Near St Paul's Street next the site of the demolished Leeds International Pool this Stag's horn sumach (Rhus typhina) looking towards the Call Credit building.

Clusters of teeny-tiny cap and stem fungi growing on a grassy verge amongst fallen Sycamore leaves, near Whitehall flats.


  1. Its amazing what's out there when we take time to look.

  2. The autumn colour is all around, Linda. I noticed today, as I passed the scene, that the countryside is identical to that in my current header picture. I think your picture of all those tiny toadstools is excellent. Your next challenge: find that many toadstools, everyone a different species.

  3. Only a photographer - in the true sense of the word - can make an excellent picture out of the simplicity of leaves, berries, and fungi.

    Great stuff Linda....as is always the case with you.

  4. Howdy CB, isnt it just.

    Hello Emma, how lovely, I sat looking at your header picture for a wee while the other day thinking how much I liked it, really super. Wow that is a challenge! I suspect the answer lies with Photoshop somehow ; )

    Hello Pete, oh thank you that's really nice of you to say so, made me smile.

    Best wishes all & enjoy those autumn colours, Linda


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