Sunday, 31 October 2010

Otley Chevin

This weekend we ventured out to Otley Chevin Forest Park to experience the fresh air and autumn woodland views. Parking in East Chevin Quarry Car Park we walked in the direction of the White House & within a few minutes encountered these colourful vistas of the crags, the old quarried areas of Millstone Grit of the Upper Carboniferous age, seen through the golden autumn foliage of broadleaf trees. In the foreground the golden leaves of Birch and Beech, the rusty shades of bracken, and rich greens of grasses and ferns.

Stunning views, provided by a colourful combination of the underlying geological features and the surrounding vegetation tinged with an autumnal glow .   

The Friends of Chevin Forest maintain a very good website, and the West Yorkshire Geology Trust (pdf) have more information about the geology of the area.

Another spectacular view, across the valley overlooking Otley town centre and the surrounding Wharfedale countryside.

Towards the end of our walk, on joining Miller Lane we heard birdsong in a treetop overhead and could just make out the silhouette of a small bird, moving on a few steps for a better view it turned out to be a Goldcrest, whoop whoop, a first for me & a lovely conclusion to the walk.

Having worked up an apetite, we headed up the road to the Cheerful Chilli, a nearby cafe and restaurant, and what a treat! I opted for the Chocolate Nemesis a chocolate extravaganza whose texture was half choc brownie and half choc torte. Needless to say I defeated my nemesis, selflessly saving just enough room to tuck into half of Andreas sandwich, packed with Stilton and Apple and Pears, oh my!  Possibly the best post walk grub we've ever encountered, which might just mean that we'll become a little more familiar with Otley Chevin in the months ahead.


  1. How exciting about the Goldcrest - they arae delightful. This is a nice reserve and the food afterwards certainly makes a return worthwhile. When you're next in the North East, try the Coach House at Elsdon, if you have time, for a really nice afternoon tea. There's a link on my blog.

  2. Now thats the kind of walk, and ending, we like.
    Amazing range of colours on the rocks

  3. Lovely pics, I spent an awful lot of time at the Chevin as a child, we lived just 20 mins walk away - brings back memories :-)

  4. The descriptive words as colourful as the images, cracking post. You want to watch yourself with the apre walk scran mind.......sounds delicous. I would concur with Emma, Goldcrests are delightful little birds. Always brighten up my day when i see one.

  5. Hi Linda, I've been missing your blogs. Hope you're well. Best wishes

  6. Hello Emma, thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks too for your latest comment, I'm well and have been hibernating for the past couple of weeks plus experiencing some technical issues, resulting in a lack of blog action. Hope to be back up and running now though.

    Hey CB, thanks, its a lovely walk.

    Hello Pam, there are so many incredible views from the Chevin. It made me realise I don;t get up there often enough.

    Hello Johnny, thanks for your feedback, apre walk scran is an essential part of every walk don;t you think?

    Thanks for dropping by, Linda

  7. Great Chevin photos – I didn’t realise that the rocks were so colourful


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