Monday, 7 May 2012

Clematis montana

The current low temperatures have halted the flowering of the Clematis montana in our back garden. For the past couple of weeks the flower buds have been increasing in number and I thought that yesterday's sunny spell might have done the trick but no such luck.

The flowerbuds remind me of Audrey II from the Little Shop of Horrors.

"Feed me Seymour, feed me now!" Little Shop of Horrors (1986)


  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I was so pleased to find yours as we lived in Adel for four years during the mid 1980`s and know some of your local "nature sites" of old. I love your Orange Tip and the photos of Adel Church. Looking forward to visiting your previous posts as well as future ones.

    Our Clematis Montana rubens is in flower now and is taking off up an oak tree. Beautiful, even in the pouring rain!

  2. Hello CB, yes I think its the way that some flowerheads sit horizontally on tall vertical stems. I'm also reminded of Shari Lewis & lambchop but I think I'm just showing my age!

    Hello Dartford Warbler, thanks for stopping by, how lovely to read that you're familiar with the local area, its a small world isn't it. I really liked your recent photo of the reflections in the puddle, it sums up the recent weather very well.

    Best wishes, Linda

  3. I love that comparison of the Clematis buds with Audrey II of Little Shop of Horrors - I will look at the buds in an entirely different way from now on :)

    Our Clematis buds are just starting to open but the plant is on a southfacing sheltered house wall.


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