Thursday, 17 May 2012

Otley Chevin and weather(ing)

Visiting Otley Chevin your attention is drawn to the colours of the dramatic Millstone Grit boulders and outcrops. My geological knowledge is pretty non-existent so West Yorkshire Geology Trust is a good place to information about the geology of the Otley Chevin Trail.

The weathering of stone and vegetation results in a wonderful collection of colours, patterns and shapes and textures, a decomposing weather worn stump covered in mosses and lichens being a good example .

Here's a view over Otley, with a stormy weather front approaching from the left.

A few minures later, heading back to the car, this was the view back across the valley. With the rain clouds heading our way we made a dash for it, brrrrr.

Getting backto the car, this Goldcrest provided a final flash of colour in the trees on the edge of the car park. Chiffchaff, Curlew, Blackbird, Crow, Robin, Wren, Blue Tit, Great Tit all made an appearance during our walk.


  1. Nice little Goldcrest sneaked in at the end

  2. Ha Ha! Ive had to do my fair share of running from those downpours Linda :-)

  3. what a magical spot. I want to live there. the rain clouds over that valley are beautiful - with the wide expanse of sky. I really love the first and second photos. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate that. happy day to you.

  4. I'm usually drawn to a dead tree trunk/ stump. They have their own mini landscapes. Some cracking atmospheric images.

  5. Looks a wonderful walk - that penultimate photo is really atmospheric. Well done with the Goldcrest picture - I haven't seen one yet this year.

  6. Lovely photos again. Useful link to the West Yorkshire Geology Trust too. I'm ashamed I've not come across that before as I work with geologists at the University. In my defence - very few of them ever do field work in West Yorkshire!

  7. Beautiful photographs, fine views. I am greeting

  8. Hey CB, yes Ive done well with those Goldcrest this year following our great sighting at Wallington.

    Hello Warren, we just made it back to the car in time!

    Hello Ms Becky, its a wonderful spot over looking the valley, the impending storm added a hint of drama.

    Hiya Jonny, that's it,a mini landscape, well put.

    Hello Ragged Robin, its a lovely wander,amde all the more enjoyable with such a rewarding view,fingers crossed for your very own Goldcrest.

    Hello Clare, thanking you kindly, I remember finding the site last year after searching for information about the geology of the valley, its a useful resource. See you around soon!

    Hello Zielona, thank you.

    Best wishes all & enjoy the better weather spell that's on its way, Linda


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