Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nature assortment

We've had a number of good Great Spotted Woodpecker sightings over the past couple of days. Andrea found this one up at Lawnswood and I saw another this morning in the woodland of Queens Wood next to Beckett Park.

Andrea also spotted this Green Veined White butterfly, the first of the year at Adel churchyard.

I always enjoy my walk into work and on my way in this morning I startled a fox as it crossed over the path near the aptly named Foxcroft's. I also enjoyed today's two Holly Blue sightings on Beckett Park and Queenswood playing fields.  Mustn't forget, on the walk home from work yesterday evening, Joyce and I spotted a Red Kite over Queenswood Drive.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Wild and Wonderful. Can't believe how many species of butterfly you have seen this year. It's been a very slow start 'down' here!

  2. The GSW seem to be everywhere. Had one fly over the house two nights ago.

  3. It sounds like a lovely walk to work Linda - great photo of the Green-veined White. I haven't seen one yet this year. The Great Spotted Woodpeckers that visit our garden are taking away beakfuls of fat - I think they must be feeding young somewhere nearby.

  4. You mention the Red Kite almost casually. I expect you see them fairly regularly from Harewood? Must be nice, they haven't spread this way much just yet.

  5. Foxes, woodpeckers, butterflies and Red Kites, a good assortment for anyday Linda :-)

  6. Hello Caroline, I enjoyed reading through your sightings, especially of the Holly Blue. I think I was lucky to get off to a good start by having a week off work at the end of March/early April which was the first week of very hot weather, and managed to get some early sightings before the weather turned cold & wet.

    Hello pops, ooh nice garden sighting of the GSW. You do get some good spots.

    Hello Caroline, how lovely to have Great Spotted Woodpeckers visityour garden, that must be a lovely sight.

    Hello Phil, you know I think you're right, its funny how used to them you become. Mind you I did point it out to my friend Joyce in a slightly over excited manner, she's used to it by now though. In fact she's a great wingman having been with me on the few occasions where we've seen Waxwing on campus.

    Hello Warren, yes I was thrilled to see such a great assortment all in one day. I am very lucky to be able to walk into work and be able to enjoy the sights around me.

    Best wishes all, enjoy the weather and the weekend ahead, Linda


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