Monday, 21 May 2012

Small White in Kirkstall Abbey Walled Garden

During an early evening stroll down to Kirsktall Abbey walled garden I spotted this Small White (Pieris rapae) land on a. Phlomis (fruticosa?) Jerusalem Sage. I think its a slightly worn male The downy grey leaves provide perfect camouflage for the butterfly at rest. Had I not seen it on the wing I doubt I would have spotted it. 

The flowerheads are in place but the majority of the deep yellow flowers, arranged in whorls, are just starting to emerge.

I returned twenty minutes later to find it had barely moved.


  1. I am assuming that this 'small white' is the same pesky critter that lays eggs on my lovely cabbages. AKA the cabbage white?

  2. I love the muted colours in the photos Linda. I've seen several "whites" flit through the garden but haven't yet got close enough to identify the species. Hopefully the warm, sunny weather forecast will bring more butterflies out :)

  3. Nicely photographed Linda. Its difficult to get the exposure right on the white buterflies, you did well there :-)

  4. Hello Matron, yes the small white and the large white work tirelessly under the team name of the Cabbage Whites. They seem to be the most common butterfly on my allotment too! Thanks for dropping by.

    Hello Caroline, thank you, I was amazed how still it remained which offered me a great opportunity to get a few pics.

    Hello Warren,thanks very much, I found it a challenge and I think might have under-baked them somewhat.But its great practice when you find one that remains stationary for a decent period of time. Linda


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