Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kirkstall Hill sightings

Wandering past the Cricketers flats and onto Kirkstall Hill I noticed this Speckled Wood busying itself between Hawthorn and Dandelions, the damage to the left hindwing confirmed that its the same butterfly in the two shots.

And then out of the corner of my eye I spotted this Holly Blue, it was gone in a flash but I just managed a quick shot. I checked the young Holly shrub for eggs in case it was a depositing female but couldn't see anything.  First actual Holly Blue of the year for me!

There were 4 Small Tortoiseshell on the wing, this the only one at rest for long enough to get a photo, I watched it move from one Dandelion to another for 5 minutes before it disappeared.


Here's the view up the Aire valley.


  1. Nice flutter shots Linda. I had a Holly Blue in my garden today :-)

  2. Maybe summer's coming. I like the Speckled Wood on the Hawthorn flowers

  3. Lovely butterfly photos Linda. You did really well to get a Holly Blue pic - I don't think I have ever managed one and they never seem to stop still when flying round the garden here! Isn't it lovely too to see the hawthorn blossom appearing? A beautiful view from the top of the Hill.

  4. The Small Tortoiseshell is on my 'missing list' at the moment Linda, there are usually plenty around by now. Lovely images.

  5. Lovely shots of the Speckled Wood. Not many flutters around here yet.

  6. Lovely photos, especially the speckled wood. They, and the holly blues, are appearing in our woods now. I have seen a peacock in the garden but no small tortoiseshells as yet.

  7. Hello Warren, nice to read of more Holly Blues around and about

    Hello CB, the Speckled Wood are a welcome sight on the edge of a woodland.

    Hello Ragged Robin, I know what you mean, that was theone and only shot I managed to get on the day, its a great vantage point.

    Thanks Bob, very kind of you.

    Hello Roy,fingers crossed for the Small Tortoiseshell for you.

    Hello John, thanks

    Hello DW,good to read that generally more butterflies are appearing acrosss the UK, this cold snap hasn't helped.

    Thanks for visiting, best wishes



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