Friday, 11 May 2012

Lawnswood columbarium

On a walk around Lawnswood Cemetery we passed by the Columbarium where I was drawn to the fiery hanging leaves of the Copper Beech and the sculptural form of the Magnolia still in bloom against the architectural backdrop. Built in 1933, the Columbarium is where ashes are stored  and has provided accommodation for over 2,000 urns. A couple of years ago we once found Tawny Owl droppings beside the pillars but there's been no sign of it since.

During our walk we spotted Jays, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Robin, Blackbird, Mistle Thrush, Bullfinch, Treecreeper, Great Tit, Goldfinch and during the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery Action Day last Saturday Andrea saw a Grey Heron fly overhead.


  1. Can't stop gazing at that top pic. The colour grading thro all of the objects from top to bottom looks totally in balance.

  2. Your photographs are always a pleasure to look at, so pleasing to the eye.

    Thanks for your support on Birds2blog, very much appreciated Linda.

  3. Lovely blog! Makes me want to come to Leeds to see your butterflies and birds. The butterfly images in the previous posts are simply gorgeous and love that striped blue wing on your Jay!

  4. Hello CB, thanks,it was an eye catching sight,had to try a few shots to work out how to frame it, but I think it worked OK.

    Thanks Pete for your very kind words.

    Hello Vickie, thanks for dropping in, that's really kind of you.

    Best wishes,Linda


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