Wednesday, 30 May 2012

West Park Small Coppers

Today I was gifted with a local view of three Small Copper at my new favourite patch on the grassland at West Park near the university campus. I firstly located two seperate butterflies near the path in a sheltered, low lying area of the grassland (to the left in the pic below).

I watched two tussle and shoot off at incredible speed and I lost sight of them for a minute before one reappeared on the path in front of me. Then I noticed another amongst the grasses on a sorrel plant where it crawled its way down the stem, typical behaviour of the female searching for suitable host plants.

A female Green Veined White, more heavily marked than the males, nectaring on Garlic Mustard .

Here's the sheltered path bordered by Hawthorns and other native species where I spotted the Green Veined White and a male Orange Tip.



  1. What a lovely unspoilt (uncut!) pathway that is :-)

    and aren't those Small copers like flying embers!

  2. Yes, those Small Coppers are indeed like little sparks! Thank you so much with the ID of Small Heath, a new butterfly to me. We only moved into this area 2 months ago, so there will be lots of new heathland, meadow and woodland species to find!

  3. You have loads of wild flowers in that spot Linda.

  4. The first photo is particularly lovely. I haven't seen a Small Copper yet this year but each year when I see the first I am surprised all over again by just how small they are!

  5. What an interesting looking area. I'msure there are a whole variety of butterflies and other invertibrates to be found there!

  6. Lovely photographs. That path looks so inviting and the Small Copper is stunning (I've not seen one yet this year).

  7. Hello Warren, they're lovely aren't they, bright and fast!

    Hello Caroline, you're very welcome, I hope you didn't mind my suggestion. Im sure you'll have lots of fun exploring your new local wildlife.

    Hello, yes I hope so, I spoke with a local walker who said she thought the grass was cut only once at the end of the summer after the area had chance to seed, so am hopeful for some nice sightings.

    Hello Shy Songbird, thank you, they are tiny aren't they, and very easily disappear once they take flight.

    Hello Jason, I do hope so, its silly that I've only just discovered the area as its tucked away out of view. I'm looking forward to seeing what appears.

    Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to leave your comments,best wishes and enjoy the long weekend ahead ,Linda

  8. Lovely photos again Linda - and a beautiful spot. Looks great for butterflies etc., and I look forward to reading about future visits :)


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