Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Holly Blue in our garden

Earlier today, while Andrea sat on the front step she spotted a Holly Blue on the Pyracantha. It came to rest on the unbroken flowers buds and showed no interest in the other plants. She grabbed her camera, waited for it to settle and got a couple of shots to mark the visit. Pretty good going for a tiny front garden. 

As an update to yesterday's sighting, on my way into work this morning I saw one Holly Blue settle 3 metres up on a Beech tree on Beckett Park and then another at lunch time in a dried puddle on the playing fields next to the rail line. With only my phone to hand I managed a couple of ropy shots. Happy Holly Blue week!


  1. A nice suprise and excellent "grabs".

  2. A treasure indeed to capture on film even more so to see one!
    sigh..Mother Nature is wonderful giving us time with her creations.
    Thank you for the comforting words re: my Babie. She is having surgery on the 29th and we are hopeful that sll will go smoothly. Will be happier when she is well and healed. love and light naturegirl xo

  3. Lovely shots. How nice to have one stay still long enough. I have had a few small blue flutters cross the garden but not one has landed yet.

  4. Lovely Holly Blue photos. This species never seems to stop still for long enough in my garden to even attempt a picture.

  5. Congratulations on the lovely photos. The holly blues in my garden are very shy and don't stay still long enough for a photo.

  6. Well done Linda :-) More flutters to come if this weather keeps up :-)

  7. Beautiful! I wish we could attract more to our garden.

  8. Hi Jonny, yes always a nice surprise.

    Hello Naturegirl, yes so lovely to see, my sighting today of two more Holly Blues on the journey to and from work was the icing on the cake.

    Hi John, yes we were lucky to have it land on the pyracantha, I hope Penny is settlinginto her new home.

    Hello Caroline, thanks,we are so lucky to have a Holly Blue visit the garden, I was hoping for a garden sighting this year after having seen one in a neighbours garden last year.

    Hello Crystal, thanks very much, yes in the past Ive found them quite shy but now I think about it, a little more stationary on hotter days.

    Hello Warren, ta very much, yes fingers crossed for the weekend, its awful having to go to work when the weather is so good!

    Hello Paul, thanks, there seems to be a reasonable local population in Kirkstall.

    Best wishes all, enjoy the weather! Linda


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