Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lawnswood Cemetery Sightings

During a sunny interval at Lawnswood Cemetery we spotted this Peacock basking graveside, I guess the stone retains some heat as they often perch on the stonework.

A Jay, a bird often seen at the Cemetery, seemed unperturbed by our presence as we stood still to watch it hop from stone to stone for a good few minutes.

Whilst watching the Jay, a Nuthatch flew onto a nearby tree and proceeded to check out gaps in the tree trunk. We watched it remove leaves lodged in the nooks and crannies presumably searching for a tasty snack. Here you can see it tossing aside a leaf removed from the split in the trunk.


  1. Super Jay pics. They are normally quite flighty.

  2. Lovely photos. I particularly like the nuthatch caught in sunlight as he`s tossing the leaf away.

  3. As Dick implies Jays are usually hard to approach, as are all members of the Crow family.
    That second image is a striking image of a striking bird.

  4. Well done with the Jay shots, Linda. I can`t get anywhere near one.

  5. Lovely photos Linda. I think jays are really attractive birds and, as previous bloggers have said, I have never been able to get close enough to take a photo.

  6. Churchyards are wonderful places for wildlife.
    I am particularly fond of the jay.....I think it is the blue flash.

    Nuthatch wonderful......and any butterfly does it for me.....

    Love the image of the jay BTW

  7. Hello pops, thanks, have to admit its a good spot for Jays.

    Hello Dartford Warbler, thanks,we didn't realise that we'dcaught the Nuthatch in action until we got home and reviewed the photos, always a nice surprise when that happens.

    Hello Jonny,thanks, they are indeed striking looking birds.

    Hello Dean, thanks very much, I have to say that Ive had better views of Jays at Lawnswood than anywhere else, it must be a good spot for them.

    Hello Ragged Robin, thank you kindly. They are a fine looking bird. You've got me thinking, perhaps I should hold a Jay watch at Lawnswood.

    Hello Cheryl, thanks, churchyards and cemeteries really are great spots for wildlife and I'm lucky enough to have a number of very interesting sites nearby. Our local wildlife trust run a living churchyard project to encourage wildlife friendly management of a couple of churchyards in Leeds with great results.

    Thanks to all for visiting my blog, best wishes, Linda

  8. Love the butterfly.I am seeing butterfly here in my colder climate and what a Joy..they bring to me the promise of Spring.We travelled from New Mexico by car when returning from our winter hiatus in AZ..I marvel at the miles they travel to get here where I live..it took me 5 days by car.Nature brings me peace . Thank you for visiting Nature Trail! Nice to meet your blog.

  9. Great Jay captures! It's a long time since I even saw one and have never managed a photo. Lovely to see the butterfly too, it's still too wet here :-(

  10. Linda,
    I love graveyards - as a wildlife habitat that is :-) Nice Jay shots, not a bird I can get near to here

  11. Lovely pictures you have taken.

  12. Hello Naturegirl, thanks for visiting and for your kind words,the butterfly world is incredible isn't it.

    Hello ShySongbird,thank you, the Jays seem to be quite people tolerant at Lawnswood, maybe they're more used to seeing people walk through than in other environments, who knows, always lovely to observe them.

    Hello Warren,yes I agree, interesting places full of (wild)life! No green woodpeckers though!

    Hello Bob, thanks for visiting and for your comments, your recent photos of the Garganey were lovely.

    Best wishes everybody and have a good weekend, Linda


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