Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Letchmire Pastures, Allerton Bywater

On our first trip to Letchmire Pastures Local Nature Reserve a wetland and grassland site on a former coal area, we spotted a few firsts of the year, including our first dragonfly sighting. I have to admit that I'm out of practice but we think this is a female Four Spotted Chaser, broad tail,black tip & spots on wings. Below the same dragonfly a little closer.

In a South facing sloped patch of grassland I spotted my first Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) of the year (3 males), not such great pics so this one's just for reference.

And my first Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas) of the year.

We also heard our first Cuckoo of the year and saw it briefly perched on a telegraph wire before it flew off into the woodland. Its shape was familiar to me as a result of having viewed cuckoo photos on blog postings, so thank you to everybody who has shared their cuckoo photos recently, its a great way to learn about unfamiliar species. Other bird sightings included Partridge, Lapwing, Jay, Swallow, Cormorant.


  1. Lovely shots Linda and your ID is spot on for the Four-spotted Chaser.

  2. Great captures of those little creatures, and the Cuckoo, superb photos.

  3. Looks an interesting spot Linda

  4. Great photos Linda - looks a really interesting reserve. I especially like that second dragonfly photo. Well done on the cuckoo too.

  5. Lovely close-up photos. I was going to post a picture of a beautiful Damselfly but after seeing your splendid pictures I may not bother.

  6. Beautiful, rich colours in the dragonfly. The blue of the Common Blue is one of my favourites. You're lucky seeing a cuckoo!

  7. Thanks for the confirmation Frank, I'm sure I'll get back into theswing of thingswith the dragonfly ID's. Just dusted off the reference books this week!

    Thanks Costas

    Thanks Bob, not quite as good as your recent pic of the damselfly which was a cracker!

    Hey pops,its a good spot on the way to Fairburn Ings

    Hello Caroline, thanks, a good start to the dragonfly season, I was delighted to hear the cuckoo.

    Thanks Phil, too kind, you must post your pics, I haven't managed a damselfly sighting yet but hopefully its not too far away!

    Hello Rob, yes the colouring of a Common Blue is stunning, a lovely little butterfly.

    Thanks for visiting , best wishes, Linda


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